The Doctor, The Plutocrat, and The Mendacious Minister
Author: Glyn Pope
Signed First Edition £11.50 from Washburn Books
New paperback with a cover simulating a 1940's used book.
DOCTOR LATYMER arrives on a council estate in Leicester, England, full of hope after dreadful experiences of the war. He happily settles into life on the estate trying to forget the nightmare images in his memory. The young doctor quickly becomes the local miracle worker when he cures the attention seeking hypochondriac Reginald, and takes the time to befriend a sad little boy who has lost his Mother. However, when food poisoning strikes the estate residents, Doctor Latymer sets out to right injustices that he doesn't fully understand. He tangles with Sir Brian Britley, the Plutocrat, and Sir Henry Norrington, the Mendacious Minister for the British Government. In the process, he unravels the delicate balance between rich and poor, and the struggling economy still reliant on rationing and the black market. Doctor Latymer's story is written in authentic British English, adding to the richness that brings the local characters to life as the reader is whisked back to 1948 post-war Britain.

 author Glyn PopeGlyn Pope grew up on a council estate in England. He studied theology at Nene University. In addition to writing short stories and novels, Glyn interviewed Bob Marley the night before Marley cancelled his UK tour and went back to the warmth of Jamaica. Glyn has published articles for both Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan ‘fan’ magazines, and has won a short story competition in the magazine 'Devon Life.' He has two novels published. A few years ago he and his wife and daughter moved to France where he pursues a full time writing career.